Send a sample of the exact colour to the address below. This can be a piece of fabric (sample or swatch) or a whole item (such as a bridesmaid dress).

If this is your only sample, please ensure you send it with reliable shipping, such as Tracked or Signed For postage.

Once received, our designers will get to work creating your Colour Match, creating a few similar shades and tones of the colour.

You’ll receive a small palette with a few colour matches to your sample. You will also receive your original sample or item back.

Select the shade you feel is the best match, and contact Customer Service to place your order.

Once received, your items will be designed bespoke to your specifications in the Colour Match.

In less than two weeks, your items will be dispatched to you using Tracked postage.


We always want to meet the expectations of our customers, so we want to give you some advice to help achieve this.

When you receive your Colour Match palette, fold the colour in half to make the fabric double-layered. This will prevent light passing through the fabric and making the colour appear lighter than it will when a finished garment is made.

Be mindful of what is behind the palette. If you place it on a dark service, colours will appear very slightly darker than they will if placed on a light service.

If your wedding is taking place outdoors, make sure to use natural light to make your Colour Match decision. Take it to a window, rather than an artificial light.
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