Put dusty blue, mauve and dusky pink together and you’re on to a spring wedding colour palette winner! These colours are all hugely popular individually, but rarely used together. Spring is the perfect time to blend colours together so consider this one a top choice.
From super pale pink to dark raspberry tones, choosing a pink wedding colour palette is a great option for spring weddings. By choosing the whole spectrum of pink shades, you can break up different elements of your big day while maintaining a consistent tone.
Orange for Spring isn’t a frequently suggested colour, but take into consideration the vast range of stunning orange flowers blossoming in Spring and you’ll understand why it’s a great choice for this season. Mixing it with purple and yellow and you’ve got a palette reflective of a stunning Spring bouquet.
Soft and elegant, pastel tones in a Spring wedding are a fabulous idea. The gentle shades work brilliantly with the season and give you plenty of colour options to play with.
A huge hit, green and white wedding ideas is a top search for spring weddings. Using muted greens, such as eucalyptus green or sage green, on a white backdrop is an instant winner.
An unconventional choice, but stylish none-the-less, more and more wedding couples are opting for a natural colour palette for their wedding, incorporating elements of browns, greens and creams into the wedding day.
Spring is a season of brightness, so opt for beautiful vibrant shades of blue and yellow to get your guests in an upbeat mood. Mixing a shade like royal blue with a sunshine yellow is a great blend, and could allow you to have unique elements like sunflowers at your wedding.
As mentioned before, Spring is the perfect season to mix a range of colours. A blue and pink colour palette with hints of red is a fantastic way to adopt a wedding colour palette that imitates the bursts of colour seen with Spring bouquets.
This is a great colour combo that works for both bridesmaids and groomsmen (grey suit with a pink tie, grey bridesmaid dresses with small pink bouquet). The light tones are a gentle colour choice for a season that also reflects a calming atmosphere.
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