Just a few years ago, green weddings were an occasional find and would typically be a dark shade, such as emerald green or bottle green. Amplified by the green wedding colour scheme of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, light greens and sage have become very popular wedding colours.

But why has a green wedding theme become so on trend?


The colour green is synonymous with new beginnings. It’s a poignant colour for a wedding and the start of a new chapter for this happy couple to embark on. Why wouldn’t you want to have your wedding party displaying these tones?


Green in light blossoming shades evokes positive and optimistic emotions and sends calming messages to the brain. So if you’re having an elegant wedding in a venue filled with light, this is a strong colour to consider incorporating.


Elements of nature have increasingly become a part of our weddings. From sweeping trees to foliage covered top tables, greenery has become a staple part of the modern wedding, so having stunning sage green bridesmaids dresses or light green decorations ties in beautifully with this.

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