How to Style a Velvet Bow Tie or Pocket Square

There's something about velvet accessories that just makes an outfit feel a little more special. Maybe it's the luxurious texture, or the way the fabric catches the light. No matter what it is, there's no doubt that adding a touch of velvet can elevate any look.

How to Style a Velvet Bow Tie or Pocket Square

There’s no denying that velvet is a luxurious, warm fabric - making velvet accessories perfect for the colder months! 

Insulating properties aside, it’s a beautiful fabric, one that can play a key focal role in so many amazing looks. But there are misconceptions about velvet, many of which stem from the idea that it is a material solely used for formal looks. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth! 

How to choose a velvet bow tie or pocket square

While there are some fashion ‘rules’ to follow, velvet can be a highly versatile material. Casual or formal, colours and textures - let’s get started on how to style velvet accessories.

You can browse our collection of velvet bow ties here, and velvet pocket squares here.

Casual or formal?

Party season is upon us. Christmas parties, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve - there are many occasions to dress up during this festive season. But velvet does not have to be reserved for these occasions alone! 

You can dress down velvet as much as you can dress it up - the same way you can dress down any outfit. A good pair of jeans and trainers with a velvet piece may be the epitome of casual-velvet-wear. But rather than a statement velvet piece, velvet accessories can add a final touch to any outfit, casual or formal. 

Yet, on the contrary, bow ties also are notably associated with formal wear. So a velvet bow tie is perhaps the hardest piece to style casually - but dressing casual can still mean dressing stylish and sophisticated. Why not try pairing a simple lightweight shirt and dark wash jeans with our Navy Blue Velvet Bow Tie - the colour will complement the denim perfectly!

But as we are in the festive season, it wouldn’t make sense to simply leave out the formal wear altogether! Now that we’ve premised our thoughts on wearing velvet casually, our following tips can be used to style a velvet bow tie or pocket square, both formally and casually.

Contrasting textures

Texture is an important thing to consider when styling velvet. Because velvet is such a stand out material, you don’t want it to become overpowered, or clash with other textures. Simple, versatile fabrics such as cotton and wool work especially well with a velvet bow tie, but try to avoid any lace or silk fabrics as they will undoubtedly clash.

Pick a colour

These softer accessories can pick up on subtle colours but bold too. A great way to dress velvet is to make it a statement - choose a bold colour against a more neutral outfit to tie things all together. Stylish and fun! 

As stand out colours, we recommend our Saffron Gold Velvet Bow Tie or our Mulberry Red Velvet Bow Tie:


Velvet bow ties do not come in one size only! When styling your velvet accessories, you can get standard shape, large, batwing or diamond shape - all will play a part in how you dress your look.

Our Velvet Bow Tie Selection

So one final tip from us - a velvet bow tie should not be the only velvet accessory to style. There are neckties and pocket squares to compliment any look.

We have a wide variety of velvet bow ties and accessories available on our website, we guarantee there’s one for you!

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